City of Bettendorf, Iowa

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Staff 1-50 of 137
Name Title Department Email Telephone
Akers, Todd Firefighter     563-344-4150
Allen, Terry F. IT Manager Information Services 563-344-4049
Arensdorf, Wesley Surveyor     563-344-5715
Arnold, Mike Building Maint. Tech. Public Works 563-344-4092
Bainbridge, Dotty Accountant Finance 563-344-4010
Beck, Greg City Planner Community Development 563-344-4071
Berns, Lucas Information Librarian Library 563-344-5706
Billingsly, Cherri Library Clerk Library 563-344-4175
Bishop, Jerry Engineer Public Works Engineering 563-344-4062
Blanche, Amanda Library Clerk Library 563-344-4175
Borcherding, Harlan Parts Inventory Control Clerk   563-344-4103
Boyles, Glenn Museum Educator   563-344-4152
Broderson, Dan Combination Inspector   563-344-4067
Buck, Ashley Library Clerk Library 563-344-4175
Burkhead, Mary Lead Library Assistant- Circulation Library 563-344-5172
Carleton, Cindy Operations Coordinator Public Works Operations 563-344-4088
Carroll, Tim Park Board Commissioner Park Board  
Clarke, Michelle Manager Palmer Grill Palmer Hills Golf Course 563-344-7176
Covella, Hayleigh Administrative Assistant Library 563-344-4177
Crane, Carol Library Clerk Library 563-344-4192
Creek, Joe Plumbing and Mechanical Inspector Community Development 563-344-4082
Crowder, April Information Librarian Library 563-344-4179
Curran, Chris City Attorney Legal  
DeBryun, Paul Parks Maintenance/Public Works Crow Creek Dog Park 563-344-4105
DeDecker, Craig IT Analyst Finance 563-344-4050
DeGeeter, Susan Library Clerk Library 563-344-4175
DePover, Robert Erosion and Sediment Control Inspector Public Works 563-344-4056
Dryg, Tom Park Board Commissioner Park Board  
Duex, Braydon LFC Maintenance Crow Creek Dog Park 563-344-4105
Dziuk, Haley Library Clerk Library 563-344-4175
Enfield, Denice PR, Social Media, and Event Specialist Public Information  
Fabrizius, Meredith Recreation Coordinator Parks & Recreation 563-344-4091
Fox, Tanner Electrical Inspector Community Development 563-344-4076
Fries, Brian Assistant City Engineer Public Works Engineering 563-344-4087
Fuhrman, Lisa Secretary Community Development 563-344-4061
Gallagher, Robert Mayor City Council 563-344-4005
Garman, Chris Streets and Solid Waste Supervisor Public Works Operations 563-344-4098
Garrow, Christine School Liaison Librarian Library 563-344-4194
Garrow, Mark Garage/Transit Manager Public Works Operations 563-344-4104
Gerdts, Elly Marketing Coordinator Family Museum 563-344-4169
Gibbs, Heather Circulation Services Supervisor Library 563-344-4193
Gillette, John Young Adult Librarian Library 563-344-4188
Glancy, Shaun Right of Way Coordinator Public Works Engineering 563-344-4090
Grimm, John IT Analyst Information Services 563-344-4142
Haldeman, Lauran Public Information Officer Public Information 563-344-4033
Halfhill, Jessica Dance Coordinator Family Museum 563-344-4151
Hatfield, Kris Operations Manager Public Works Operations 563-344-4088
Haugen, Sally Library Clerk Library 563-344-4178
Hayden, Joleen Library Clerk Library 563-344-4175
Hayes, Jill Library Clerk Library 563-344-4175
Staff 1-50 of 137