Be Prepared


There is no flooding on the Mississippi River after hitting Major Flood Stage in early May 2023.

You can see the latest river levels and the forecast by visiting the National Weather Service - Quad Cities or the Iowa Flood Information System (Click Pool 14 or Pool 15).

May 18
Leach Park is back open to the public. Hampton Crane and Public Works Crews have removed the flood wall, which protected Downtown Bettendorf from floodwaters. 

May 10
U.S. 67 (River Drive), Grant Street, and 6th Street are back open as the Mississippi River recedes.

As part of the reopening process, Public Works Crews cleaned and inspected the roadways for damage, as well as removed the concrete barriers and ensured floodwaters did not harm the electricity connected to traffic lights.

Crews are now focusing on Leach Park, which remains closed to the public. Starting May 11, workers will start removing debris and the concrete flood wall. There is no reopening date set at this time.

May 9
At 8th Street and River Drive, Public Works Crews are cleaning and inspecting the roadway for damage. They are removing the concrete barriers and reenergizing the traffic signals as part of the reopening process.

The roadway is expected to be reopened Wednesday, May 10 or Thursday, May 11.

April 26

By the end of the day on Wednesday, April 26th, U.S. 67 (River Drive) will be closed on the west at Hwy 22/Rockingham Road in Davenport through to Bettendorf. To see Davenport's River Drive Detour Map, click here.

In Bettendorf, U.S. 67 (River Drive) will be closed from the west City of Bettendorf limits to 8th Street.  All thru traffic will be detoured at the intersection of 12th Street and Grant Street to Kimberly Road (see detour map below or click here).  Traffic between 8th Street and 12th Street will remain open for local residential and business access only, with lane reductions in place.  The closure and associated detour routes will remain in place until the river recedes to a sufficient level. 

Bettendorf Flood Detour Map

April 25
Hampton Crane and Hawkeye Paving helped Public Works Crews insert the remaining piece of the flood wall at Leach Park to protect Downtown Bettendorf. Leach Park is now closed to traffic until the river recedes.

April 21 Video

April 20
Public Works Crews installed the concrete flood wall at Leach Park. Next week, Hampton Crane and Hawkeye Paving will help crews slide the remaining piece into place to protect Downtown Bettendorf. At that time, Leach Park will close to traffic until the river recedes.

Week of April 17
Public Works Crews filled 80,000 sandbags and delivered them to places like the Port of Pleasant Harbor near Lock and Dam 14.

City of Bettendorf Flood Action Levels

River Level at LD 15 (ft.) Notes
N/A When we receive notice from the NWS that there’s a risk of flooding, we begin performing weekly checks of the 21st Street and the 35th Street Storm Pumping Stations.  Staff also monitors River Forecasting using the NOAA Maps USACE Application; ensure inventory of flood supplies are adequate such as 300k of sandbags and clips, and five (5) rolls of Visqueen.  All pump stations are megger tested, all temporary pumps tested, and concrete Lego blocks are staged.

11.5 Close the four (4) gates at the 35th Street and Elm Street Pumping Station.  Staff inspects two (2) outfalls in 42nd Street floodwall.

16.5 Close 10th Street gate on Government Box.

17.0 (14.0 at LD 14)

(1) Concrete Lego blocks installed at the entrance of Leach Park.

(2) Harbor Drive begins to be affected. City provides sandbags that are delivered to each resident’s driveway.  A dumpster is provided at the entry way of the addition.

18.0 Flip up floodwall at Leach Park.

19.0 City of Davenport closes access to Mound Street.

19.5 (1) Install Floodwall Bulkhead at the entrance of Leach Park.

(2) 8th Street culvert north of railroad tracks plugs installed.

(2) 8th Street and State Street begins to Flood.  Install flood protection concrete lego blocks across State Street west of 8th Street; and install concrete lego blocks across 6th Street south of 548 River Drive driveway. Activate road closure/detour plan.  Coordinate with City of Davenport for McClellan closure.

21.0 Iowa American Water Company (IAWC) will shut down the rail gate at their plant. Large rail gates at 10th Street can be installed along the tracks if needed.  See gate closure procedure.  Coordinate with CP Rail.

29.0 Top of Bettendorf levee.