Bettendorf Police Department Asking Drivers to Slow Down and Follow Speed Limits

MAY 3, 2024 – The Bettendorf Police Department is addressing the issue of speeding drivers throughout our community after receiving numerous complaints from residents.

“This is something that affects us daily and it really comes down to awareness,” said Keith Kimball, Bettendorf Police Chief. “Speeding creates unsafe situations for people who are walking, biking, kids playing in neighborhoods, and it can cause serious traffic accidents.”

The Bettendorf Police Department is asking drivers to reduce their speed and obey all speed limits, especially in residential areas where the speed limit is 25 miles per hour and signs may not necessarily be posted on every block.

“Our goal is not to have police officers in every neighborhood writing more tickets,” said Chief Kimball. “Instead, we simply want to remind our residents and visitors to be aware of their surroundings – whether it’s kids playing in their yards, someone riding their bike alongside the road, or a ball that accidentally rolls into your route.”

When it comes to major thoroughfares in the City, drivers may notice more police officers and more portable digital signs that show a car’s speed in real time.

“These signs are good at grabbing your attention and reminding you what the speed limit actually is,” said Sergeant Patrick Mesick with BPD’s Traffic Division. “Sometimes we get into a routine and don’t even realize how fast we’re going down the streets we use every day.”

The City also wants the community to be part of the solution by identifying problem areas using a new tool called the Speed Spots Map. The map allows users to drag a pin to any spot on the map where they have noticed an increase in speeding drivers. Once they place the pin, a box will appear where they can voluntarily share information about that location with BPD. The Speed Spots Map will help BPD decide where to place portable signs, add more officers, and other enforcement strategies. All responses are anonymous.

This is one of the Bettendorf City Council’s top goals this year. To see how the City establishes its goals for the year ahead, click here.