Fall 2022: What You Need To Know

It’s a new season and the City of Bettendorf wants to make sure you’re ready for it – whether it’s helping you fill your calendar with fun events or prepare your home for the cold, snowy weather on the way.


Our city offers free yard waste weeks to solid waste customers to defray the cost of yard waste disposal during the spring and fall lawn cleanup seasons.  The free, or "No Sticker," weeks are offered for two (2) weeks in the spring from April 4-15, 2022 and six (6) weeks in the fall from October 24-December 2, 2022.  Yard waste must still be placed for collection at your pickup point on your normal pickup date in a Kraft two-ply bag or bundled properly.

For bagging/bundling tips and other important information from the City of Bettendorf Public Works Department, click here.


As the wear cools down, it’s also the time of year to enjoy fire pits and outdoor fireplaces. The City of Bettendorf Fire Department wants to encourage you to do all you can to burn cleanly, safely, and responsibly for your family, neighbors, and community.

If you choose to burn wood, reduce particle pollution with these steps:

  • Only burn seasoned, dry wood. It burns hotter and cleaner.
  • Use a moisture meter to check firewood. Moisture content is best at about 20%.
  • Cover stacked wood, but allow good airflow so it can dry.
  • Never burn wood during air quality alert days (https://www.airnow.gov/?city=Bettendorf&state=IA&country=USA), when air pollution is already higher.
  • Never burn green wood, construction waste, plastic, garbage, or yard waste. They create more smoke and can be toxic.
  • Take extra care if you live in a region where brush fires are of concern.

If you are looking for a cleaner alternative, consider switching to natural gas or propane to reduce harmful air pollutants.

IMPORTANT: Our city complies with all burn bans issued by Scott County or the State of Iowa. You are not allowed to burn leaves, trees, tree trimmings, grass, rubbish, residential waste, or garbage in our city unless you have a permit. Illegal burning can result in a municipal citation. To report illegal burning or request a permit to conduct open burning, please call the Bettendorf Fire Department's Non-Emergency Number: 563-344-4030.

To learn more about the city code, click here