Bettendorf Asking for Community Input to Update Comprehensive Plan

You can help the City of Bettendorf plan for a successful future as it updates its Comprehensive Plan: Premiering Bettendorf.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, Bettendorf’s population was 33,217 after the 2010 Census. It grew by 17.7% to 39,102 after the 2020 Census and with the addition of more senior housing facilities and continued residential growth, the City’s population is likely more than 40,000 today.

The City’s current Comprehensive Plan was adopted in 2017 and is an important tool that provides guidance to leaders and decision-makers for sound and efficient community growth patterns based on the vision of stakeholders.

Those stakeholders include citizens. Community involvement is the cornerstone of Premiering Bettendorf. A successful plan is identified not just with the elected and appointed officials of the City who adopt it, but with the entire community who help draft it and want to see it followed and maintained. Premiering Bettendorf is not a static document, but rather the result of a continuous process to gather and evaluate information and make informed decisions based upon constantly changing conditions.

That’s why the City is asking citizens to visit and use the Community Interactive Map to tell planners where they would like to see new homes, commercial buildings, parks, trails, etc.

“You can help shape the future growth of the City,” said Mayor Bob Gallagher. “Your comments will be shared with City Staff and the City Council to help plan for the City’s future.”