Annual Citizen Academy

If you would like to sign up for the 2024 Citizen Academy, please send an email to Angie Sharp, Community Engagement Manager at!
For further details, please scroll down and read the following information.

What is the Citizen Academy?
The Citizen Academy is an eight-week informative, interactive program that looks into the internal values, philosophy, and operations of the City of Bettendorf. The Academy is designed to give Bettendorf residents an in-depth look at how their City government works. 

What is the purpose?
Participants are provided information concerning city government. The program is designed to cultivate understanding through the education process and enhance the relationship between city government and its citizens. In addition, the academy gives city staff the opportunity to receive community feedback.

When is the next Citizen Academy?

The 2023 academy is over. The 2024 academy starts on Thursday, September 12th. For more information, click here

How often is the Citizen Academy offered?  
This academy is offered once a year.

Who can attend the Citizen Academy?
You must be at least 18 years of age and be a resident of the City of Bettendorf. The academy is not intended for children.

What should a participant expect during the Citizen Academy?
During the academy, participants may be asked to climb stairs, take part in walking tours, and sit for an extended period of time. We will do our best to accommodate any assistance needed. 

What topics will be covered?
Departments participating in the academy are Police, Fire, Public Works, Community Development, Economic Development, Library, Family Museum, Culture & Recreation, and City Government. City staff will cover a variety of topics and issues pertaining to the City of Bettendorf. Participants will gain knowledge and insight through discussions, demonstrations, and site visits. Citizens will learn how they can play a role in the future of Bettendorf.

How many participants are in each class?
There are 30 individuals in each class. We try to keep the class size small so each participant can get the most out of the academy.

How much time will you invest?
The Citizen Academy will run for eight weeks. Each session will last approximately three hours, 6pm-9pm. Classes will be held on Thursday nights, except for a scheduled bus tour. We would like the participants to attend every session but understand this is not always possible. We do ask that participants not miss more than two sessions.

As mentioned above, there is a bus tour, which is scheduled on a Friday, 7:30am-4:30pm. During this bus tour, you will tour the Iowa American Water Plant, Wastewater Treatment Plant, Compost Facility, Scott County Landfill, Waste Commission of Scott County, and the Scott County Emergency Communication Center. A class schedule will be available closer to the start of the academy.

Is there a cost or fee to join the Citizen Academy?
No, the academy is free to Bettendorf residents.

Is this academy the same as the Bettendorf Police Citizen Academy?
No, the Police Academy focuses only on the Police Department and will be held in Spring 2025.