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Your Services

Your Services from the City of Bettendorf include Utilities such as:

Solid Waste Programs
Bulky Waste
Yard Waste

The Solid Waste Fee pays for the programs above.

To look up garbage and recycling information for your address, click the green button below: 
Garbage Calendar Button

In addition, the Waste Commission of Scott County offers:
Electronic Waste
Household Hazardous Waste

Other Utilities in the City of Bettendorf include:
Sanitary Sewer Maintenance Program
Storm Water Management Program

The Sanitary Sewer Fee and Storm Water Fee pays for the programs above.

If you water your lawn, have a swimming pool, or use outside water, you may be interested in the City's Sewer Credit Program.

To view and/or pay your Utility Bills, click here.

The City of Bettendorf does not provide Internet, Water, Gas, or Electric Services, but here are some helpful links:

Internet Providers

Water Providers
Iowa American Water Company

Gas and Electric Providers
MidAmerican Energy