Garage/Yard Sale Regulations

The following is the City of Bettendorf's regulations regarding garage/yard sale signs:
  • Residents are allowed three garage/yard sales per year
  • The sales must be held during daylight hours and cannot last more than three consecutive days
  • Signs may not be posted in the right-of-way
What is the Right-of-Way?
  • The right-of-way is generally the area between the street curb and the sidewalk
  • Signs posted in the right-of-way may be removed by City staff
If you plan on putting your sign on private property, you must have the permission of the property owner. The complete City Code relative to garage/yard sales can be found here: City of Bettendorf Code.

The image below shows the proper placement of temporary yard signs Yard signs that enter the roadway can damage vehicles or block storm water drains. Blocked drains can cause unsafe roadways during rain events
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