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Public Works & Engineering

Brian Schmidt
Brian Schmidt, P.E.
Public Works Director

Welcome to the City of Bettendorf Public Works Department. We are dedicated to maintaining and improving the quality of life in the community by planning for future needs, promoting environmental quality, building and maintaining municipal infrastructure, managing public capital improvement projects and protecting the health and safety of the community. In addition, the Department provides the design, construction, operation and maintenance of public works and related services within the community in a manner consistent with the City’s vision.

The Department is comprised of three (3) divisions devoted to providing a wide range of municipal services in Engineering, Public Works Operations, and Parks Maintenance.

Badge for an APWA Accredited AgencyWe strive to provide superior services to all of our residents and businesses and proud to be an American Public Works Association Accredited Agency. Accredited in 2004, Bettendorf became the first public works department to receive full accreditation in the State of Iowa and on July 29, 2021, the Bettendorf Public Works Department received our fifth (5th) re-accreditation through APWA. This means that the agency has proven that policies and procedures are developed and implemented to effectively and efficiently serve the public's needs.


The mission of the Public Works Department for the City of Bettendorf, Iowa is to provide our community with the highest quality public service that continually enhances the quality of life for all our citizens.  This commitment will be accomplished through the utilization of all our allotted resources.

We recognize that our employees are our most valued resource and are to be treated with respect and dignity.  They will be properly trained to respond safely, with excellence to any work task assigned and to any emergency that may develop.  They will also be properly trained and oriented concerning their individual responsibilities as public servants.

We also recognize that our mission is to work in concert with other City Departments so that the overall mission of the City will be accomplished.