Right-of-Way Management

Picture of a typical Right-of-WayRight-of-Way (ROW) is the area between either a resident's sidewalk or the edge of their property line and the City street.  This area is actually owned by the City and intended to be used for roads, sidewalks, trails and utilities.  Additionally, this area provides snow storage for the public street.  The graphic to the right presents a typical visual representation of ROW and easement locations.

Easements grant the City or utility companies the right to locate and maintain certain facilities within that area, while technically still on private property.  Easements are primarily found on a Final Plat for a subdivision.  Contact Shaun Glancy , ROW Coordinator, for assistance in identifying easements on your property.

Bettendorf City Code - Public Ways and Property  contains additional information regarding restrictions for certain uses of the ROW.  

Right-of-Way Permit
A right-of-way permit is required if a resident, contractor or utility company is performing any work or excavation within the City's ROW. A permit fee is required based upon the size and scope of the project.  Work can not begin until all necessary documents are submitted and the permit application is approved by the City Engineer.

Call Before You Dig

Iowa One Call pictureIf you’re planning to dig for any reason, visit Iowa One Call or call 811 to request utility locates at least 48 hours in advance. Utility companies are notified and will mark the utility locations with small flags and/or paint.

It’s crucial to preserve and maintain the location of the flags and paint until work is complete, as displaced markings may lead to accidental damage of the existing utilities and risk the safety of the excavator.