Frequently Asked Questions

When will my street get plowed?

In order to make the most efficient use of our available resources, we have established priorities for snow and ice control operations.  Depending on the nature of the snowstorm, our established priorities are as follows:

  • Arterials Streets, City Buildings and Parking Lots                                   1st Priority
  • Collectors                                                                                                        2nd Priority
  • Local Roads and Cul-de-Sacs                                                                   3rd Priority
    • Some priority given to school needs during school days
    • Some priority given to church needs on Sundays
  • Alleys/ Recreation Trails                                                                               4th Priority
Under ideal circumstances, we can predict fairly accurately when we will have streets in various sections of the City plowed. As weather conditions change, we often must alter our snow fighting strategy in the midst of the snow removal operations in order to control drifting snow, ice or other special considerations. Therefore, we cannot give you an estimate of when your street will be cleared due to changing conditions.

The plow left some snow at the end of my driveway. Can you send someone to come plow it out?

The City of Bettendorf’s number one priority during the winter months is to clear our streets from snow and ice to provide for a safe transportation network for emergency services and the general public.  During snow and ice control procedures by the City, it is common for plowed snow to be pushed and/or thrown back onto sidewalks, driveways, and aprons especially around corners. This unfortunate event results from the need to maintain certain speeds and plow angles to provide efficient and safe snow and ice removal from the streets.  While the City strives to minimize the effects of this thrown snow, it is inherent to snow and ice control activities.  Removal of this additional accumulation of material on sidewalks, driveways, or aprons is the responsibility of the abutting property owner. The picture below shows a unique way for residents to help minimize snow and ice from being placed on your driveway.

Second Shovel

How fast  do snowplow operators drive?
The operating speed of a snow plow truck is directly related to efficiency and effectiveness. Operators will maintain a speed that does not endanger life or property, but provides a reasonably prompt service. Excessive plowing speeds can result in damage to the plow truck and to the roadway. As a rule of thumb, plowing speeds shall not exceed 25 mph and should be slower under most conditions.

My mailbox was damaged by the snow/snow plow.  What do I do now?
If your mailbox was damaged due to winter maintenance activities, please contact Public Works at (563) 344-4088. The City will place a temporary mailbox on the property and will replace it with a new one in the spring, as weather permits. The City will install a new green-treated post and/or standard black mailbox.  If the property owner desires a different mailbox, the City will reimburse up to $100.00 towards replacement by the property owner. 

Mailboxes not installed in accordance with United States Postal Service specification and damaged during snow plowing operations will not be the responsibility of the City for reimbursement for repair or replacement. Each mailbox installation should be sufficiently solid to withstand snow-clearing efforts by the city. The City is only responsible to clear streets from curb to curb; it will be the responsibility of the adjacent property owner to clear snow around mailboxes to assure mail delivery by the United States Postal Department.

My landscaping was damaged by a snow plow.  What do I do now?

Please contact Public Works at (563) 344-4088. You will be placed on a list for spring cleanup once all the snow is melted. The City of Bettendorf will repair any turf that is damaged from plowing operations. Damage due to deicing chemical will not be repaired by the City. The City will not repair damage to any landscaping (hardscaping, plants, irrigations systems, or accessories such as lighting) that is within the right of way.