Yard Waste

Curbside collection of yard waste is offered weekly from the first Monday of the first full week in April through roughly December 1st on residents garbage collection day. December through March, yard waste is only picked up once a week on a call in basis only. Residents may also take their yard waste to the Davenport Compost Facility, which is available year round for yard waste drop-off.

Yard Waste Stickers.  For curbside pickup, each bag of yard waste must have a $1.60 city yard waste sticker on it (price subject to change).  There is no charge for bundled brush such as tree trimmings, branches, or Christmas trees.  A sticker is not required during "No Sticker" yard waste weeks. Yard Waste Stickers can be purchased at local grocery stores, hardware stores, Public Works facility, and at City Hall.

No Sticker Yard Waste Weeks.
  The City of Bettendorf offers free yard waste weeks to its solid waste customers to defray the cost of yard waste disposal during the spring and fall lawn cleanup seasons.  The free, or "No Sticker", weeks are offered for two (2) weeks in the spring from April 1-12, 2024 and six (6) weeks in the fall from October 28-December 6, 2024.  Yard waste must still be placed for collection at your pickup point on your normal pickup date in a Kraft two-ply bag.

Tips for bagged and bundled yard waste set out for collection:
  • All material must be set out by 6 a.m. on the regular collection day.
  • Yard waste must be placed in two-ply Kraft type paper bag with a yard waste sticker and not weigh more than fifty (50) pounds when placed for collection.
  • Tree debris and brush under six inches (6") in diameter, prepared for regular collection and disposal by the City, shall be securely tied in bundles that have a maximum diameter of eighteen inches (18”), a maximum length of five feet (5’), and a maximum weight of fifty (50) pounds when placed for collection.
  • No loose tree debris will be picked up.
  • Pieces of tree branches greater than six inches (6") in diameter shall not be included in a bundle but shall be disposed by special collection arrangements with a private hauler.
  • No dirt, sod, or mulch should be included.
  • All yard waste and tree debris shall be separated by the owner or occupant from all other solid waste at the time of regular collection and disposal.
Other important Information:
  • Tree debris, branches, trunks and stumps resulting from the removal of trees by a tree service contractor shall not be placed for collection by the City, but shall be removed by a licensed hauler at the expense of the owner or tree service.
  • The city may refuse to collect any yard waste bag if it contains material other than yard debris or if it contains more than fifty (50) pounds of yard waste debris.
It is illegal to:
  • Place yard waste such as leaves, grass clippings, brush or other lawn material in your garbage cart. These materials are recyclable. You, and the City, could be fined.  
  • Have an open fire containing leaves, grass, garbage, building materials, business waste or other prohibited materials is prohibited by City Ordinance 4-3-1.
  • Blow or otherwise place leaves and grass clippings in the street.