How to Ride a Bus

Which Bus Goes Where?
Each bus displays two lighted destination signs - one above the front windshield and one on the curbside of the bus. These signs identify the route by number (1 - 3), color (red, blue, purple).
Getting on the Bus
Place EXACT FARE in the fare box or show the punch pass, bus pass or discount-fare card to the driver when boarding. Drivers do not make change and fare-boxes do not give change. As a courtesy, please keep the front seats available for handicapped and senior passengers.
Buses may be boarded at any point along a bus route; wait at back of curb on the passenger side of the street. When the bus comes into view, signal to the driver the intention to board by waving.

If your one-way trip requires more than one bus (or bus system) to complete, ask for a transfer upon boarding. There is no charge for a transfer.

Getting off the Bus
If a destination is not a scheduled bus stop, let the driver know a desire to get off the bus by pulling the cord above the windows ONE BLOCK PRIOR to the desired stopping location. Please remain seated until the bus has completely stopped. After exiting, stand on the side of the road or sidewalk until the bus has pulled away. Please, NEVER cross in front of the bus!

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Don't have a smart phone? No problem! You can view our real-time interactive map via your desktop.

Want to plan a trip utilizing buses in the Quad Cities?  Go to because they offer a convenient link to Google's "Trip Planner" service.

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