Other Services

Dog Licenses

Dog licenses are issued at City Hall on a calendar year basis (January-December.)

In order to license your dog in Bettendorf, you must bring the current rabies certificate showing that your dog(s) is current on their shots.

Fees:$3.00 if your pet is spayed or neutered.(please provide proof of spay or neuter)
$25.00 for an unaltered pet.

Dog tags are now available at City Hall, 1609 State St, Bettendorf. They can also be purchased at the City Hall Annex at 4403 Devils Glen Rd, Bettendorf.

Bike Licenses

Bike Licenses are $1.00 and can also be obtained at City Hall. Having your bicycle licensed means that we know who to contact if a lost or stolen bike is recovered. We will need to have the make, model and serial number of the bicycle on the registration card so please bring that information with you or use this application and bring to City Hall.