Suppression Division


The goal of the Suppression Division is to immediately respond to, confine, and extinguish fires, to immediately respond to and provide coordination and rescue during natural a man-made disasters, and to immediately respond to and assist the public in non-emergency situations.


  1. To immediately respond to all structural fires with a first alarm assignment of two engines, one truck, and one rescue.
  2. To employ modern, progressive tactics and strategies in the suppression of fires.
  3. To upgrade and enhance the safety of personnel by striving towards compliance with NFPA Standard 1500.
  4. To implement the Incident Command System on all structural fires to insure a well organized, coordinated attack.
  5. To provide immediate response by a minimum staffing of two on-duty paid personnel and one officer with a volunteer response of a minimum of nine personnel on all structural fires.
  6. To provide immediate response with trained personnel to incidents requiring water, high angle, trench and urban rescue.
  7. To develop waterfront and boat fire suppression capabilities.
  8. To develop bulk fuel plant fire suppression capabilities.
  9. To inspect, maintain, test, and update equipment and apparatus.
  10. To maintain buildings and grounds.
  11. To write reports and maintain records on all fire related incidents and forward to the State of Iowa Fire Marshal as required.
  12. To utilize the resources of the Riverdale, LeClaire and Princeton Fire Departments on fire and rescue operations when indicated due to incident magnitude.