The City of Bettendorf strives to remain competitive in its benefit programs. Regular full-time employees are eligible for and may participate in the City Health Plan which consists of medical (prescription), dental insurance, life, long-term disability and accidental death and dismemberment insurance, and vision coverage. 
Regular part-time employees working 30 hours per week or more may elect to participate in the benefit plan at the time of hire. Depending on the hours worked, a portion of the premium will be paid by the employee: 
40 - hours 10% of the premium is paid by the employee
30 - 39.9 hours 25% of the premium is paid by the employee 
The insurance program, coverage, and eligibility will be subject to all terms and conditions of the contract with the insurance carrier selected by the City. Terms, conditions, benefit levels, and covered expenses are explained in detail in the City of Bettendorf Summary of Benefits and Coverage.

The City of Bettendorf provides a voluntary Employee Wellness Incentive Program for all employees working 30+ hours per week and are on the City's Health Insurance. The incentive for participation is a percentage reduction in health insurance premiums beginning of the fiscal year (July 1st).  The Wellness Program is reviewed and evaluated on an annual basis with the Insurance Committee.

Transparency in Coverage

The Departments of Labor, Health and Human Services, and the Treasurer published the Transparency in Coverage Final Rules (TIC Final Rules) which requires plans and health issuers to publish three machine-readable files to a public website:

1. In-network Rate File – Reports payment rates negotiated between plans or issuers and providers for all covered items and services.
2. Out-of-network Allowed Amount File – Reports historical actual billed and allowed amounts for covered times or services incurred by out-of-network providers during the 90 days beginning 190 days prior to the publication date of the file.
3. Prescription Drug File – Reports pricing information for prescription drugs, including the current negotiated rate and historical net price for claims insured during the 90 days beginning 180 days prior to the publication date of the file.

You can find the City of Bettendorf's health insurance provider, Wellmark Blue Cross Blue Shield, Machine Readable Files here. You can find information on the City of Bettendorf's prescription insurance provider, Elixir, Machine Readable Files here.