A New Gateway to Bettendorf

There is a NEW GATEWAY in the works to welcome residents and visitors into the City of Bettendorf. A Gateway Bridge for walkers, runners, and bicyclists will soon span across Middle Road near Interstate 80, a fast-growing area that includes the TBK Bank Sports Complex, The Plex Business Corridor, and Iron Tee Golf

As you scroll down this page, you will find concept designs of the Gateway Bridge, a timeline of the project, the funding mechanism, as well as important updates. 

Questions? You can email gatewaybridge@bettendorf.org and we will answer them for you!

Gateway Bridge Concept Design 2 - Copy (2)

Gateway Bridge Concept Design 3 - Copy (3)  Gateway Bridge Concept Design 5 - Copy (2) Gateway Bridge Concept Design 4 - Copy (3)

Agreement Approved February 2022 Complete City of Bettendorf/HDR Design Team
30% Design Development January 2024 Complete HDR Design Team
60% Design Development Summer 2024 In Progress HDR Design Team
Construction Documents Fall 2024 Upcoming HDR Design Team
Bidding Phase Fall 2024 Upcoming City of Bettendorf/HDR Design Team
Construction Fall 2024 to Spring 2026 Upcoming TBD


May 23, 2024 - Progress Update

On Tuesday, May 21, 2024, City Council approved a resolution that updates HDR’s contract, which now allows the firm to finalize the design of the Gateway Bridge and the elevated trail sections on both sides which will take walkers, runners, and bicyclists safely from one side of Middle Road to the other. 

The City is also excited to announce that a major section of the remaining trail network to be built in the TBK Bank Sports Complex Area was recently awarded federal funding. A Transportation Alternatives Set Aside (TASA) Grant was received for an extension to the Middle Road Recreational Trail from Hopewell Avenue to Forest Grove Drive.  The $525,000 grant will allow the City to finish the Middle Road Trail System coming from the south, with an anticipated start date of Spring 2025.

February 20, 2024 - Funding Mechanism in Place

On Tuesday, February 20th, Baker Tilly – a Municipal Advisor to the City of Bettendorf - held a Bond Sale (Information at 37:00 into Meeting) during which the City sold $15,615,000 of General Obligation Bonds for various Community Improvement Projects (CIP), Stormwater Improvements, and Urban Renewal Projects such as the Gateway Bridge.  $2,000,000 of the bonds will be utilized to fund the initial construction of the bridge later this year.  That work is anticipated to include preliminary earthwork for the bridge and trails, as well as potentially some trail construction. The design of the bridge and trails is currently progressing, with an anticipated bid date in Fall 2024. To pay for the bonds, the City will use new tax revenue created from the adjacent commercial development north of Forest Grove Drive and east of Middle Road. The City does not intend to raise property taxes to pay for the bonds.

December 20, 2023 - Timeline Announced

There are two main “entrances” into the City of Bettendorf – Interstate 74 and Interstate 80. In December 2021, our community celebrated the opening of the new I-74 Bridge. Now, two years later, the City is honoring that iconic arch by announcing the timeline of another arch at I-80 and Middle Road. The Gateway Bridge is not for motorists, however. Instead, it will allow people to safely walk, run, or bike over Middle Road.

“This connects the TBK Bank Sports Complex Corner with the Iron Tee Corner of Forest Grove Drive and Middle Road,” said Jeff Reiter, Assistant City Administrator and Economic Development Director. “As an added bonus, it serves as a connector in our regional trail system between Davenport and LeClaire and allows walkers, runners, and cyclists a spot to stop in this awesome tourism destination and take a well-deserved break in one of the many amenities offered in this growing area of our community.”

The Gateway Bridge was revealed in February 2022 as part of an announcement for the expansion of The Plex Corridor (To learn more, click here), which included the Forest Grove Drive Reconstruction Project. This was the next exciting step years in the making stemming from a goal of the Bettendorf City Council – to have a regional youth sports complex that was privately-owned.  

“Since opening in 2018, the TBK Bank Sports Complex has become a national footprint for youth sporting events,” said Decker Ploehn, City Administrator. “Not only that, it’s an economic catalyst. What’s been created in this area has far exceeded our expectations and we cannot be more excited for continued growth – including seeing the ‘Gateway Bridge” come to fruition.”

The Gateway Bridge is currently in the design phase, which is about 40% complete and expected to be finished in Summer 2024. Construction is expected to begin in Fall 2024. As the design phase progresses, the funding mechanism for this project is also taking shape. On December 5th, the Bettendorf City Council unanimously approved an amendment to the I-80 Urban Renewal Plan, which allows the City to increase its capacity to bond up to $11 million. To pay for the bonds, the City will use tax revenue created from the area where the Gateway Bridge will stand and support the I-80 and Middle Road Corridor.

“The City does not intend to raise taxes to pay for these bonds and we will continue to submit grants to pay for other parts of the project,” said Ploehn.

The Gateway Bridge also coincides with a major state project. The Iowa Department of Transportation plans to reconfigure the I-80 and Middle Road Interchange beginning in 2025 – an estimated $58 million investment.

“This investment is yet another example of the success we’re seeing in this area and the reason why we need to provide a grand entrance for visitors and residents to see how special Bettendorf and the Quad Cities are. We are excited to move forward,” said Reiter.
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