We are a "Certified Gigabit City!"

When you look around, it’s no secret that the City of Bettendorf is growing up from the ground fast… and it’s the same story underground and overhead as well.

On Tuesday, November 1st, 2022, Mayor Bob Gallagher welcomed Metronet to the Bettendorf City Council Meeting, where the City was officially declared a Certified Gigabit City.

“We are grateful for Metronet’s investment in our community and their continued support as an active citizen of Bettendorf,” said Mayor Gallagher.

Gigabit City - Copy


To date, Metronet has installed more than 320 miles of fiber optic internet throughout our City, meaning its fiber optic internet speeds of at least 1 Gigabit (1,000 megabits per second) are now accessible to a majority of households and businesses in Bettendorf.

For more information on this designation, click here.